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vestige - noun

ves·tige | /ˈvestij/

a trace of something that is disappearing or no longer exists.

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Star Trek: Maiden Voyage Softcover - June 5, 2022

by Fred Terling (Author)

An all-new Star Trek Adventure that takes place fifteen years prior to the original series, replete with new characters and an initial introduction to those we got a brief glimpse of in "The Cage."

Welcome back to the beginning...


The United Space Ship Enterprise is dispatched on its first mission under the command of Captain Christopher Pike. What should be a routine supply drop to a federation colony turns out to be a complete mystery involving turn of the century architecture, unsanctioned alien first contact, a destroyed starship and technology never encountered. Pike and his crew must navigate through the deceptions of colonial Governor Cyril Vessey to discover the secret behind the planet’s enhancements and what threats his new alliance may pose on the galaxy.

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It was never my goal to become a corporate superpower in the world of Star Trek, my imagination simply took me where it did. I also recognize times are tough financially for most people. For these reasons, I am not hard pricing this first novel. Donate what you’d like, include media mail postage ($4.00) and I’ll send you a copy. The thrill of being published is beyond my wildest imagination. Much like Star Trek, these characters took me where no person had gone before, I own them as much as any Star Trek fan reading this. It is my simple way to honor their company. I hope you decide to give Maiden Voyage a read. It really is like watching an old episode.

** All copies will be signed. If you have anything specific you would like inscribed, please note on the form.**

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