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Favorite Haunts

As an avid urban adventurer, I love discovering new places to eat, shows to see, shops to explore, music to discover, etc. Since I have no friends, figured I'd share a few of my faves in the Pittsburgh/Southwestern Pennsylvania area and why I like them. I know, I know, my opinion with a buck fifty may get you a cup of gas station coffee. Trust me though, I am passionate about most things - indulging in them is what fuels my creative soul. Plus, wouldn't kill you to try something new. Well, not at first, anyway. Thank me later.

Olive or Twist

This is our adoptive home. First discovered doing political fundraisers, it has become our place for after show cocktails and food. The best service, martinis, calamari and burgers in Pittsburgh. Plain and simple.

Arleo's Pizza

Chain pizza in this area is a sin. Everyone knows about Sam's, Jimmy Z's and Osso's but until you have a Down Town Jackson Brown, you haven't experienced nirvana! Gorgonzola on pizza? Yes, please!

Primanti Brothers

What to say about this legend? Inventor of the fries and slaw on a mammoth sandwich, we go here to celebrate pretty much everything. Wander the menu. Burgers, apps and pizza are amazing.

Con Alma

Phenomenal nostalgic atmosphere, local jazz and Latin-inspired cuisine. The menu is as unique as the people you meet here. Make sure you have reservations as the place is packed on weekends.

Plaza Azteca

Primo friendly service, everything on the menu is fantastic and the drinks (I'm told) are top notch. We've made a habit of eating out once a week; this is typically where we end up.

Threadbare Cider House

Our newest discovery. We love this place! 24 different ciders with a menu that changes daily. The veggie pizza was astounding. Great atmosphere, impeccable service. Try the Hive & Vine!

The Pavilion at Starlake

Our musical tastes vary from metal to classical, but NO country. Starlake has been our venue for sixteen years now to catch every concert. Plus, no show is complete without Chickie's and Pete's!

Well Oiled

More than just essential oils, this community of friends is our home for all things metaphysical. I never miss Tarot club on Thursdays (well, almost). Melissa, Kat and crew are amazing. Love you guys!

Heinz Hall & Benedum Center

I love the symphony. It is a magical wave of sound that cleanses my soul. Both of these Pittsburgh venues offer not only the best in classical, but also very creative programming that feeds the imagination.

Grab Bag

Not limiting myself to the region, here are several places I MUST visit every time I venture along the East Coast. Family is in the Eastern Shore of Maryland, so most of these are my favorite haunts there.


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